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Wishes on a Crow

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One black crow up in a tree
Two black eyes look down at the sea
One shrill cry cuts through the air
And the bird flys, leaves the tree bare
One girl stands to watch him go
Wishing that she'd been born a crow
One black crow painting the sky
Watching him she wants to cry
Maybe if she could fly as he's flown
She wouldn't mind being so alone

One tree stands, no bird in its boughs
Two shadows creep, long as the sun allows
One branch stretches especially high
Like it wants to escape into the sky
One girl sits beneath, looking out on the sea
Wishing that she'd been born a tree
One tree, taller than any around
She looks up at it, sitting on the ground
Maybe if she could grow as it's grown
She wouldn't mind being all alone

One steady sea grinds away at the shore
Two waves crash, then two more
One uniform color, all stormy and grey
Like a dreary mood that fills up a day
One girl watches sitting under a tree
Wishing she was a part of the sea
One steady sea stretches out below
Under the tree, the girl, and the crow
Watching the girl envy birds and fish
Thanking the gods it could not wish

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