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Dreamer, Dreamer

Dreamer, dreamer, far above
Tell me what you're dreaming of?
Are they delusions of dark and light
Dancing in your head at night
Atop your cloud, you sit and see
All the world- so trapped, yet free

Dreamer, dreamer, in the sky
Don't you ever wan to cry?
You're free of hope and of mistakes
But I can see how your heart breaks
Safe and secure, but all alone
How can you love with that heart of stone?

Dreamer, dreamer, were you afraid
When you felt yourself begin to fade?
Your heart was hardening with pain
And so you fled, above the rain
Ran from society and it's claws
All the people and all their flaws

You want no part in the dark songs we sing
So you take heart and you take wing

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