Catastrophic Japanese Earthquake

April 11, 2011
By Stacie Savoca BRONZE, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania
Stacie Savoca BRONZE, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania
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It was a normal day,
That fateful hour,
When disaster struck our way,
It left with nothing in our power.

With a boom, a crash, and a bang,
The ground began to shake,
The ground seemed to falter,
For it was an earthquake.

"What is going on," I murmured,
"I pray someone tell me."
Skyscrapers sway, highways crack,
All I want to do is flee.

After ten minutes of pure terror,
I felt shocked and unnerved.
Why us? Why now?
This fate is undeserved.

I try to stay strong like a rock,
It's very hard though.
After all, will there be an aftershock?
I hope not, but I don't know.

With a boom, a crash, and a bang,
Water began to surround me,
With all the water crashing, my ears rang,
Oh no! Not a tsunami!

People are yelling to get to higher ground,
I run towards a mountain,
As my heart begins to pound,
Water is spraying just like a fountain.

Houses are being ripped apart,
And crushed by the wave.
With all that's happening it's hard to be brave,
I don't even know where to start.

I watch houses and cars be swept away,
By the wretched waters of the sea,
Why must it take its toll on me?
My house was swallowed by the ocean spray.

Like thousands I have nowhere to go,
When will this disaster end?
Only there is more disaster around the bend,
I have no place to stay and nothing to show.

With a boom, a crash, and a bang,
The sky is filled with raging fire,
There's been an explosion at the nuclear power plant.
I want to be far away from here, that's my heart's desire.

Radiation is filling the sky,
They are telling people to leave quick,
Or stay, but take your pick,
It's dangerous here so say good-bye.

I feel like I am going to die,
I have to leave my entire life behind.
I have to leave though, if I want to live,
It's so odd it feels like I am out of my mind.

I was able to survive that day,
Unlike like the thousands who tragically died.
It took a long time for my life to rebuild,
And it touched millions of hearts worldwide.

With a boom, a crash, and a bang,
That's how disaster always starts.
I never want to hear those words again,
They tore my life apart.

The author's comments:
This 15-stanza ballad was written on a current event for my communication arts class.

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