La Dèesse De La Lune

January 18, 2011
By AlexOdyssey GOLD, Denver, Colorado
AlexOdyssey GOLD, Denver, Colorado
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I feel a drowning sensation
As if I had been drunk
The deal of love that carves
Into my sense it sunk
It’s more than profound
Harder inside of me now
I feel obliged to be bound-
To you because you told me you know

I’ve seen the goddess in the night
She was lifting the bright harvest moon
And keeping the darkness in the light
Yet the morning was coming soon

She viewed me as though pleased
And gave me brightness in my dark heart
The goddess took my heart seized
So forever for the gentle muse I made art

The morning came and she needed rest
So she came towards me to lie upon-
her olive hair and face on my beating chest
And all the day we slept on the lawn

It was the first time I slept in a week
I opened my eyes but only viewed one parchment
The goddess wrote “do not to me seek”
So I wept full-sore and took my department

Four months time had already passed
And every night I waited for the moon bright
But I viewed nothing but a glooming over-casted-
sky and I was not in the light…

I sojourn to where the moon laid
Upon arrival my body hurt for the distance was far
I found my goddess so the price was paid
And she gleamed at me brighter than a star

I let her know that if she stayed mine
Than I’d give her the strength to hold that moon
It was then we kissed and did in-twine
We would lie together again soon.

The author's comments:
Long Distance Missing Of My Beloved

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