ode to father

February 13, 2018
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Ode to my father crying sadness bursts through my head

On my outer shell is full of laughter to cope

He tried and stab my mom,

After he stabbed a needle through the red veins in his arm

He beat my mom

We heard the screams fill the once silent bedroom

We heard the oak wooden door to my bedroom crack

In comes a big heavy orc looking man my sister calls dad

As the man comes after me I see my mother on the ground beaten,

Crying and struggling to get up

As he passed out with the bloody syringe lays on the floor

The man who hit me till I fell asleep

As I stumbled and went to my living room to go play marbles

I noticed something

He wasn't there

The man who turned ghost but didn't die

The man who caused pain but is missed for the rest of my life

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