The Atom

April 2, 2009
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(To the music of “White and Nerdy” by Weird Al Yankovic or “Ridin’ Dirty” by Chamillionaire)

In the atom,
You got 3..
You got 3..
You got 3 subatomic particles.

Sing Chorus

One’s called an electron,
And it weighs nothing.
But what you got to know is
That its got a negative charge.

Sing Chorus

Then there’s the proton,
It’s got a mass of one.
And not only that, but
This one’s got a positive charge.

And now don’t forget,
About the neutron.
It may have no charge,
But at least it’s got that
Equal mass of one.

Sing Chorus twice


I’m in love with chemistry

Dude, it’s all that I know.

Let’s go study some bonding,

Yeah, let’s go learn.

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