Animal Abuse - Slam Poem

November 30, 2017
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You go to class one day to hear that your classmate’s cat has died,

I was feeling very sorry for him and upset about his loss,

I asked how it happened and the response is: “I threw him at a wall”

I don’t care if this guy was 5 years old,
What’s even worse was he said it in a normal tone,
I was once playing golf and a guy said,

I had a cat once and I went back home,

to find him dead, hit with stones and rocks.

I was watching a video on youtube on how to train your cat to sit,

I like my cats and I found this video of a poor cat,

Doesn't understand English,

This man just shouted “SIT!” at her until she sat down like she was a slave. “SIT! SIT! SIT!”,

Even recently three dogs were taken off a couple, those idiots,

They starved those dogs giving them minimal amount of food,

A neighbour was in tears and got the police, 

He only knew of one dog, the others were in crates,
Stand up to these monsters and stop abusing these animals!

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