The Twisting Maze of Pride

November 22, 2017
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Pride is striding through a maze with many paths abloom.

Pride can motivate someone, unless they trek the path of doom.

Pride could totally eclipse one's heart and mutilate their ways.

Until they're lost and engaged within the forever-twisting maze.


Pride could nearly blind someone, compelling them unjust.

Until status is all they crave for, and power is a lust.

Pride will then consume someone and impel their mind insane.

This maze will then obscure their sight, this tragic maze of bane!


Pride is a rowdy roller coaster with many loops and a twist.

The ups are all at ease, but downfalls will persist.

Pride leaves one in total darkness with their vision in a haze.

Until they quit their haughtiness, they're lost within the maze.


The Maze of Pride has many paths, either glistening bright or dark.

If someone picks the latter, then looming trouble will spark.

Their pride will hover over them and captivate their mind.

The pride will soon possess them; the maze will render them blind.

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