Fairy Tales

March 27, 2009
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A girl asked a guy if he wanted to be with her
he says no

She walks away a frown spread across her face

Her friend walks up to her and he says

"he's not good enough for you"

She turns as a smile creeps along her face and replies

"well i guess there isn't a prince for me"

He laughs with a slight blush spreading across his face
he pats her on the back and walks away

She rolls her eyes and reaches for her back pulling off a folded piece of paper
then laughs as she starts to unfold it

She looks down and stops dead
reading what he wrote

It may seem like a myth ,but
your fairy tale is closer than you think

The prince you think is out of reach
is the one thats been waiting all along

If you just open your eyes
the story you long for is the one you keep passing by

The girl turns and starts to run for him
then stops him turning his face hers

He looks down at her waiting for her expression
she turns away

Then she looks up at him as she intertwines his fingers with her own and smiles as she says

"i guess i have my happily ever after, after all"

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(=amanda=) said...
Apr. 7, 2009 at 1:14 am
very cute poem =) i like it a lot!
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