September 29, 2017

She had monsters she could not shake
A parasite spreading from his cage

And I suppose you’ll never know that with ever cut my eyes fill to the seams with acid
And every time you think of death as a friend I feel betrayed,
Because tell me, am I forgotten when he comes into your mind?
Is he an ex you wish to see?
Can you please tell me we were meant to be?
My dearest, please don’t leave
Please my dearest, promise me

When you look in the mirror and all you see is a monster, a ghost, a mistake,
My dear, you’re not thinking properly
Look at the world and see
That not everything I prefect, and not everything has to be
Promise me you’ll turn those mirrors around if you must
Please, promise me

Think nothing of those who think nothing of you, they have bullets for teeth and lies entwining their brain
Ignore them,
Write their names a million times and throw it into the fire if you must
Promise me I’ll see

Then start looking differently
Look into your own eyes, notice every color, every line, every little eyelash
Consider your hair, every tiny strand there is to make up every small shade
Notice your skin, binding your bones and blood in one piece
Now lift your head, and adjust the crown that’s always hidden
Your strong enough, capable enough, handsome, or beautiful enough
And even if they get to you, never show it in public, unless you wish to take the risk
You can scream, cry and kick until your sore
Just promise me you’ll never give in to death
Promise that if you leave you’ll never forget me, or the sweet taste of my words
Promise you’ll never fight change again, be warned of how unfair he can get,

Promise me that you'll get over this, lift your head, and we can make them truley sorry for what they did

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m.maliyah_ said...
Nov. 12 at 8:58 am
This is amazing! I can definitely relate because of my past but this hit a deep dark spot inside of me and I needed something like this to show/tell me everything's going to be okay and to not let 'him' win! Thank you so much!
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