Differences and Divisions

September 19, 2017
By WhoSawMe SILVER, Wellesley, Massachusetts
WhoSawMe SILVER, Wellesley, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"Winnin' is problematic
People like you more when you workin' towards somethin'
Not when you have it"

We dont Need anybody to tell us that
We are not them
It's a battle between we and they
Us and them
We have been searching for our identities
When we just needed to accept what it's meant to be
Or at least that's what they told us
Not from the they group
But from the group that is us
What is US
Trying to reach the center of the earth but we are not even half way through the crust
So many differences between people
The grasps of our achievements seem to be too feeble
There are more important things in life then the differences of our connections, circling back to all things spiritual
We all believe in different miracles
Why fight against this difference
Rather than believing in it all
A belief that humanity must attend to a greater incline
We are the greatest planet, yet our planets progress is on a decline
We can't all be in the "in" group
Some of us must be out
Not all at once can all the balls fit in theĀ  hoop
We must work together and discard all doubts
Because doubts are what keep us behind the finish line
Doubts that all are equal, keep us behind, from reaching the title known as humankind
What's embarrassing is that some are ashamed to say humankind
Rather to go with the word that is known as mankind
Some equalities we still struggle with today
Being a women, a Muslim, or identifying as gay
I wanna live in a world
Where if a black man sees a cop
He won't have to be afraid of being frisked or stopped
If you are white don't judge me
If you are black don't put your hands in your pocket or I'll think your going to shoot me
If you are Muslim don't zip down that vest because I'll think there is an explosive
Everyone has their different definition of had a live
So if your white stay welcoming
If you are black put your hood down
If you are Muslim don't wear something with Arabic
Or I'll think your a terrorist
I am not judgmental
I am not a terrorist
I am not a thief
I have my own
So you can keep your belief
When they're telling us how to act, how to live, how to pursue
I'm telling you I have trouble living in this world too
It's a struggle to step outside and go to the grocery store
Planes aren't able to go through the sky and sore
But Are thought of hitting buildings and making us sore
I don't know how to live anymore
I don't want to be Middle Eastern, African, Asian, Caucasian..
All I ever wanted to be in this world American
Why feel the need to label myself
We always keep our identities up on the shelf
Always out of reach
Because that is what we are afraid to be
In order for a flower to stand tall it needs a stem
All humans are both we and they
Us and them

The author's comments:

This peice wasn't meant to be this way. But I needed to hit those spots that people are too uncomfortable to hit. I bring up issuse people don't want to hear. But the truth is, we as ONE race need to hear them.

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