Hello Dress Code

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Hello dress code,
I am here to say
If you’re distracted by my shoulders
Then look the f*** away
Hello dress code,
I am going to plea
For you to realize
That these breasts don’t define me
Hello dress code,
I am here to ask
Why am I blamed for pigs
Who can’t look past my a**
I was born with these shoulders,
These breasts and this butt
I was born as I person
Who is not willing to put up
With sexist rules
That try to define me
By the dip of my shirt
And the skin on my knee
I don’t dress to be sexy
I’m not a prize that can be gaped
Stop objectifying me
I’m more than my shape
It seems to me that
No matter how hard we women try
Men having trouble seeing
Beyond what hits their eyes
They say we are equal
Yet we don’t have the same pay
I’m still waiting
For women’s true equality day
Hello dress code
It’s true I do think about sex
And men say there’s nothing wrong with this
As long as my desire is not expressed.
I have hormones and feelings
That cannot be stopped
But no one would believe me
If I said I didn’t want my pants dropped
That I don’t want to be taken advantage of
That I deserve a choice
Hello dress code
I’m taking back my voice
I’m sick of the men in power
That try to justify this oppression
Who’s wandering eyes
seem to have x-ray vision
So today I proclaim
That I will fight
These sexist rules
That try to control my life
I will free my nipples
I will wear a thong
Hello dress code
I don’t care what you think is right or wrong 
Because no matter what
I will be me
Hello dress code
I will be heard, I will be powerful, I will be free

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