The Cloud on the Water

By , Melbourne, Australia

Where the foaming peaks claw at the sky,
There you brood and cast your eye.
Amidst arcing gulls and blooming sails,
You morph and blossom in the gales.

Your pale limbs careen across the grey,
Torn like rags, they spin away.
Dissolving into ragged wisps,
While stubbornly you do not shift.

Deep grey is your mottled skin,
Knawed at by the spray and wind.
Yet you stagnate, rooted to the sea,
Too dense, too heavy, to soar free.

You decondesce into fine white mist,
Your shadow ceases to exist.
Yet the wind still whips the tide and sands,
The sea stirred up by unseen hands.

And you are gone, lost to that wind,
Your silver remnants, far they spin.
For a moment the sun shows his gleaming face,
Until another comes to take your place.

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