A Garden Once Yours and Mine

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The soothing fragrance roused me,
The rhythmic breezes lured me
Towards your
Enticing existence:
A flower standing isolated
In its own presence.

I gazed from near
And from far away,
Watched you majestically
Swing, swerve and sway.
Your glistening petals’ gleam,
And the dew upon you,
Pristine as the gushing stream.

Soon did we taste
The dismal winter,
As our hearts did it splinter
And the agony grew
Greater and bitter,
Till our mirthful garden lost its

Your voice echoed yet again yesterday.
Thus, I travelled to the
Great Ocean far away.
It was dry and melancholy upon your loss,
Each drop had it shed
In remembrance of your gloss.

I endured the glacial season with one desire:
To see you blossom
From this mire,
To pacify my convulsing soul’s
Raging fire:
“It is you whom I require.”

The disheartened winds now vehemently cry
And I say to myself:
“Why shan’t I?”
For they circulate
Your tempting scent-
A symbol
of the merry past and the miserable present.

Spring has now bloomed,
I lie disconsolate and
Forever gloomed,
Perusing the remnants of
Your tomb,
Incessant laughter,
Fleeting memories have me consumed.

I now reminisce that
Indelible eternity,
With moments of elation and serenity.
Vanquished me from within has this adversity,
Will I live without you?
Is indeed an uncertainty.

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