Letters to lobe

June 22, 2017
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Dear Love,

I have yet to find you and because of this I've been wondering more and more if you even exist. I've felt you from a distant but I want to know for a instance that there couldn't be anything better than this. Oh, love your so blind I wish you would be more kind but I would be out of my mind to ask for such a thing. People always abuse you with a one time fling, most to afraid to give it all away and never get a ring. If only they can see love, that your not made out of bling, you shine so much brighter, the type of bright that makes the angels sing. Yet like the moon you always seem to turn, you show your dark side then we all get burned.
Oh love, you have so many faces; the good everyone chases, the bad everyone disgraces, and the real everyone tries to embraces. But the thing is love, it's okay because I want judge. No matter how stubborn you are even if you won't budge, I'll forgive you when I learn how to love.
I'll forgive you when "he's" gone. When you take him away because he was just another face hiding behind you copying your every move. Trying to fool me to. I'll forgive you love, because he's not you.

Well, you already know who I am don't you, love ?

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