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He cried for me

Have you ever been afraid to get hurt? 

it's been a phobia infesting in my mind

it leaves me sore from my brain, I don't really cry...

i rather off connections in a tiddle of doubts and yes i do hurt those around me

Yes my sweetness is just as bitter as the air around me

its like a ribbon knotted up like the thoughts in my mind

its difficult yes

I know not the true torture i'm so used to being lied to

its a custom

I wear doubt like a summer breeze 

its hard to tell because i hide everything, hard because i wanted it all

hard because of who i am

hard to deny that side of me

i lay down crying not for the drama not because its impossible...just impossible to be strong when your not

hurting those around yo due to your silence


yes he cried

the sufferment of my ancestors 

i've never seen him cry

and when he stares at me in the eyes 

"how can you lie"

i dont mean to im just afraid

there just very few minutes where im exited

denied at the start 

alone to a fault

but my solitude is a sickness now

I weaved it sure, im misunderstood and i know who i am

i chose to be who i was of course its an agreement to my personality

yet i dont want to be pitied 

i want to be loved


those things are not the same

i feel like a puppy searching for a home

yes he cried


he cried over and over

but that i can't deny

i need to speak up

but still its like a puppy searching for a home

im hopeless


to what i am to who makes me

shapes me

and its a sickness

i take things to the extremes 

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