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Funny to think my ghost were inverted,
A body, no soul,
And yet so assertive.
I thought it was all just skin to crack,
Fingers to burn,
And wrists to smack.

No heart inside,
But somehow I wept
I died each night,
And never slept.

How odd it can be,
So youthful and small,
To want to flee,
And end it all.

Inside the bark my story was told,
Thirteen years young,
And life’s rotting cold.

But let’s not dwell on the hard parts of life,
But on the times I put down the knife.
Each second I said no to the demons inside of me,
Hardly a song, and yet still a melody.

I made the choice to be stronger
And here I am, living life somewhat longer.

I am the truth that we can survive,
If only we remember that we are alive.

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