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Dark Being Inside

Darkness stood tall and wide
Such a beautiful face
A small waist
But a wide frame
Her long legs
Like a Long leg spider inspecting in zoom

Inspecting on the darkness inside of you
You wish to run
You turn to cry
But Instead you stand still
Paused in time

All you can do is wish,
Wish she would stop looking at you like that
You know she can see the dark being that lies inside

You wish she didn’t laugh at you
Her laughter like, nails on a chalkboard
Screeching under your skin
Crawling around lungs
Just to squeeze you out of breath

You wish she wouldn’t look at you while you cry
You see her through the tears
She wants you to release the dark being inside

There are times she is sweet
She takes your hand
Whispers beautiful secrets to you
She makes you believe you can be helped

She holds you while you sleep
While whispering to the dark being inside

She makes the being inside you want nothing more than to feel
Feel true happiness that hes tried so hard to steal from you

You wish everything would stop
Tired of the pain
Tired of playing a part in your everyday life
Wake up
Paint on a smile
And try not to act like you have
This Beautiful darkness hovering you
Trying to reach for the being inside

Their love is tearing you apart
Their love is twisting your world

You could end it
End their love and twist a stem around
Your neck
To finally sleep without whispers
To be at rest

Come lay down and let the being go
All he contains is your soul
He can help
All you have to do is just let go

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