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Song of Remembrance

Between the dense enclave of remembrance
Echoes your voice from the heavens;
Reigniting the splendid sorrow of our past,
Yearning to live what forever did not last.

O beloved! The realms of your love were a haven;
An abode of endless adoration
From which I wished not to leave
For sheer affection was all I did receive.

Together were we in the sunshine and the rain,
With each other through pleasure and pain.
Your endearment was all I did desire
For it offered relief in times dire.

But then did the bells of felicity chime
And ended our lives' savoured time.
Ever since did love become a past I once did know
and each reminiscence a joyful torment flared aglow.

Upon each crimson sunset,
You're still there in the colours I never forget
within each seraphic molten flow of endearment
of the raging streams in our nostalgic souls.

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