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Ode to My Diaries

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When my hands begin to shake
and my brain starts to explode,
I pull out my outrageously decorated diary
and skim through the words.
This diary, my diary, how I would
turn the world upside down if I ever lost it.


It is as dear to me as my beating heart.
as precious to me as a freshly toasted poptart.
The brown ridged cover gives me a sense
of comfort, like getting into bed after a long day.


When I open it, I see tears pouring down cheeks,
I hear laughter, and quiet sobs escaping through trembling lips.
I feel my body as light as air floating in the
water, and the soft wet sand underneath my toes.
The sounds of the waves crashing to the shore
drown out my giggles.
The salty smell of ocean water mixed
with sand fill my nose.

These words, hastily scribbled, angrily written,
or happily jot down with detail
wrap me up and take me on a great bon voyage
of never ending felicity.


Glimpses of hazel eyes and dark brown skin,
long wavy hair and heartwarming smiles carry
me to a place where loneliness feels like a myth.


As I turn the pages, my hands stay still,
my heart feeling not so heavy,
just thinking about how I would kill
to go back to my old life which feels so steady.
I quietly return back from my trip down memory lane,
feeling a little less insane.
Thanking myself for creating a place
where I can escape to when I start going crazy
or try to remember things that seem very hazy.
Wondering what I would be
if I didn’t create this magical book
that fills me with glee.

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