Buried Alive and Changed

February 17, 2017
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Unsteady breath, 

trembling hands, 

awaiting death

beneath land.


Buried alive,

no escape,

trying to thrive;

inhuman shape.


The anger twists

smiling face,

clenches tight fists;

now disgrace.


What has become 

of me now

is rather glum,

you ask "how?"


Anger changes 

person praised,

voice now ranges 

low to raised.


regret eats me 

inside out;

no life of glee,

only doubt.


Hatred burns through

veils of smiles,

scowls born anew,

seen for miles.


No words to say,

only hate,

as every day

faces this fate.


I look in the mirror,

knowing not what I see;

I step back in horror.

This thing is not me.

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