Writers Block

March 21, 2009
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Writers block'it is what I got,
Forced to only wonder if people get it a lot,
How do you stop writing about topics?
Do I get pass it by just dropping it,
The wondering'I mean,
Oh'the feelings too'it can be so mean,
With so much things going on though,
How is it that you don't know?
What to write about,
To be just limited to writing about pout,
This unrevealing sense of not achieving,
If you stay like that you can't believe,
Who would figure that my own words,
Keeps me trapped in a blur of an uninspiring world,
The motion of the pencil on the paper,
Some how motion leads to the rust of the poem maker,
It's annoying when you can't move on,
And making poems seems like an old annoying song,
The particular tune of non innovation,
I have all the materials but still no creation,
I have all the time to write down a rhyme,
But I am not lying when sometimes I can't write one line,
I am thrown into a diversity of events,
Yet I am are still confined to small tent,
Imagine a non consistent Kobe,
Or a non selling Toby,
If there were any other examples you can show me,
Then you would now understand me.

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xxJustxxMe This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 2, 2009 at 4:43 pm
wow this is a really good poem. I have the same problem sometimes. I experience alot, but when i try to write about it all i get out are old, overused words that sound like my other work. To write, you must not just experience new things, but also learn new things.
If i don't hav the inspiration to write, i can't at all.
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