Strolls in the City

February 1, 2017
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She always thought she would be sound asleep relaxing in the realm of dreams at five in the morning.
She never envisioned herself skipping through the streets of New York City waiting to watch dusk turn to dawn, but there she was.
Fascinating is what it was, watching the stars slowly fade away as the sun grabs the corners of the gloomy sky.
The lilac sweater that hung too low on her body and the baggy ripped jeans covering her legs did nothing to protect her from the breeze nipping at her skin.
She holds a joint in her quivering hands, bringing it up to her lips to inhale.
Never will the feeling of the smoke moving down her throat and traveling to her lungs bore her.
She enjoys the burn in her throat after, the buzz in her head and the overwhelming sense of being.
She's been wandering the streets for a solid two hours, relishing the solitiude and the silence in a usually roaring city.
Running her hands through her hair, she beams as the sun begins to settle into the sky and the medley of orange, pink, and yellow scatter through it.
There would be no friends to express her content or share the experience with, and it is hard to find someone willing to spare their time so she could enjoy their company.
That's ok though, because there will always be another sunrise, an empty street, and a lighter. And herself.
She had herself.

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