She Cuts, He Burns

November 21, 2016
She cuts her arms,
He plays with fire.
She causes self harm,
He's called a liar.
"Ugly" for her scars,
"Stupid" for his ignorance.
She hides behind bars,
He hides behind their arrogance.
She's devastatingly sad,
He's addicted to the flame.
Her pain makes them glad,
His passions no longer tame.
She pushes the world away,
He sets it ablaze.
No one sees her paling face,
They think his anger is just a phase.
She cries through her memories,
He stomps his foot on the matches.
She holds her hand out as it bleeds,
He silently sobs as the curtains become patches.
She places the knife over her heart,
The boy slides the candle beneath his throat.
But someone won't let her fall apart,
Someone hands him one small note.
Her father takes away the knife,
His sister points at the flowers etched across the letter.
Her father begs her not to take her life,
His sister asks him when he'll get better.
"I love you," she hears her father say,
"Don't leave me," The boy cries.
"We'll work through this together, day by day,"
The boy's sister waddles towards him, not once exchanging goodbyes.
The father kisses his daughter's forehead,
The sister blows out the fire.
"I couldn't live without you. I couldn't bear you dead,"
The fire that consumes him, it won't take him any higher.
With a hand so gentle and a heart so kind,
With a toothless smile and big green eyes-
The father says, "You're never alone, you'll come to find,"
The sister kisses his cheek, " there's you prize."

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