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We spent all of October

Fearing killer-clown-filled doom,

Yet the biggest of them all

Has been elected, the baboon

Who can barely handle Twitter

Without getting into fights,

How'd we put this orange three-year-old

In charge of all our rights?!

Immigration sites to Canada

Have gone through quite some crashes,

Expected, obviously,

When you see what this piece of trash is -

A racist, sexist homophobe

(And that's just the beginning)

I swear, how come, America?

How come this fool is winning?

The progress that we've made

Could very well become undone,

We cry. We grieve. We break.

To Canada we run.

We're wild with devastation,

We have wasted all our sleep

Just to spend potential hours of rest

Instead to mourn and weep.

Our country is divided,

All that we can do is pray

We won't spend so long in shambles...

Rest in peace, dear U.S.A.

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