Behind Close Doors

September 30, 2016

You must pay the price of love and lust for your crime no one can trust the person you have become inside.He said ever so slightly "Close your eyes". your death is silent like an infant slumber though your screams multipuly in number. No one dares to imagine what you have been through as you say to them "If only you knew". They then quickly begin to wonder what happens when the doors shut and the curtains close. What a shame no one knows. For if they did they might just hear your silent screams for help. You hesitate to tell them how much it really hurts. They tease you and taunt you and call you names because they don't know that it's not a game. This is your life and theres no replay. Why just throw it all away? You have a future, family, and friends. In the end all you need is them. To be honest I don't know why I am writing this maybe because i'm living it.

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