This Line

August 25, 2016
By , Eaton, CO

We draw a line
so very fine,
a line we put out of our mind,
for what else could us to it bind
Our heart,
I suppose, could do this thing,
our heart to repentance bring,
draw us to look to our most holy King
But what matter is it what does this thing
besides knowing it to be our LORD and King
None I’d think,
none to us,
that is
But darkness sits on the side of one,
and the other light and God’s Son
So what do we,
men of darkness,
We cross this line,
we stop the race,
to darkness we turn our evil face
But cleanliness came,
although this the least,
for love and life and pureness came,
and we longed for another's fame
This line we crossed,
the line we drew,
we’ve turned our backs on it
and ran to You

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