This Life is Mine to Lose

August 15, 2016

The pounding in my head-

It's louder than before.

The carpet on which I bled-

Is redder than they'll ignore.

The sound of voices screaming,

The voice that trumps them all.

The reminder that I am nothing-

Is the force that makes me fall.

True pain is that which can't be spoken,

Sorrow is that which no one knows.

If I keep running I may be broken,

If I continue on the path I never chose.

If I don't quit now, I never will,

If I don't run the other way.

Cutting and crying will never fill-

The void inside that never goes away.

True pain cannot be flaunted,

Sorrow is an aura that's difficult to see.

I'm one of the haunted-

One of many who will never be free.

But what if I choose to stand stronger?

What if I choose to lift my chin?

What if I choose to push longer?

This battle is mine to win.

They don't have to have a say,

This life is mine to lose.

They don't hyave to push me away,

And I don't have to let them choose.

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