The Flawless Hat

August 7, 2016

A fez is too round,
a gatsby too even,
and a gat is just overly Korean
A kippah’s too tight,
a kufi too plain,
and what would become of a pakul if it started to rain
A panama’s too country,
a porkpie too stout,
and a mitre would make one seem humorously devout
A tuque’s too warm,
a sombrero too silly,
and a capirote would give people the willies
A capotain’s too pilgrim,
a turban just coolish,
and a dunce cap would make me seem plain old foolish
I know the hat,
the hat that’s for me,
It’s so plain,
so clear to see
The fedora’s the one,
not a flaw to be found under the sun

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