Flame Immutable

August 5, 2016
By Anonymous

Suddenly it overtook,
suddenly it came
Nothing could stop the roaring storm,
nothing could hinder the waves
The lightning crashed around us then,
the thunder cry aloud
The rain had poured down violently,
but the fire was not put out
The fire burned all through the night,
burning brighter than most thought it might
Nothing could stop the flame,
it continually endured
The rains and hailstones came,
but the fire just kept on
The light was immutable,
nothing stopped its glow,
it just burned brighter the harder the wind brought blows
The flame was filled with joy through this,
it burned soft yet large,
and fiercely it fought the rain by this,
holding to Christ’s eternal love

The author's comments:

For the glory of God my King, who gives me the strength to endure.

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