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The night is dark
the crickets are chirping,
lights are turned on.
The wind is howling.
Doors are being closed.
We mute our hearts.
We turn up the volume to our minds.
Staring blankly at the wall, expecting change to run our way.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, oh tomorrow.
I will, I will, oh I will.
Tick, tock, tick tock.
WAKE UP! Tomorrow is here.
Tomorrow has been already here.
When will you?
This isn’t the first night.
Time is moving, and it's never on your side.
Sometimes too slow, sometimes too fast.
Time is on its own side.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, oh tomorrow.
Beginning to think this tomorrow will never come.
One more story to quiet the mind.
Stories upon stories, don’t you get the message?
Dreams, oh dream, why do you have to be tomorrow?
Tomorrow is our dream, for tomorrow I'll be a better person.
Tomorrow i will take the path unspoken of.
When will you come oh tomorrow?
Nobody wants to work for today to get tomorrow.
We all want tomorrow but not enough to try harder today.

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