I Sing a Song

August 3, 2016
By DicipleofChrist PLATINUM, Eaton, Colorado
DicipleofChrist PLATINUM, Eaton, Colorado
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Sullenly I sung a song,
sadly I sang
Everything was broken,
everything seemed maimed
What was I to do with this,
this sad, sad truth
What was I to say to you,
how could I possibly soothe
Darkness came and ate it all,
night had come at last to call
What was I to do for you,
how could I speak to save with truth
Sullenly I sung a song,
sadly I sang
Where was I to go from here,
standing, staring in this mirror
Where was my faith,
where was my hope,
why do I still sit and mope
Sullenly I sung a song,
sadly I sang
I’ll find my hope in God my King,
to Him always I will cling
Joyfully I sang a song,
happily I sing

The author's comments:

For the glory of my most holy Savior, the LORD Jesus Christ.

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