I'll Remember

August 2, 2016
By , Eaton, CO

The darkness whispered softly,
then it began to scream,
and then came a torrent of night,
an ever-flowing stream
The blows were hard,
but they were fought,
for it was You, the light, that I sought
And I found You,
rather You found me,
and so in debt to You I’ll be eternally
You gave me strength,
I fought with light,
for You were always within sight
When it hurt I found peace,
You made the pain seemingly cease
And so forever I’ll hope in You,
You’ll be the one I look to
When the darkness whispers softly,
then begins to scream,
and when a torrent of night comes,
an ever-flowing stream,
I’ll remember that by me You always will be seen

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