It was Consumed

July 22, 2016
By Anonymous

All at once it was consumed,
all at once and too soon
Where was the light that was there before,
it had all disappeared without a roar
Slowly, slowly, it had gone,
slowly, slowly, it all went wrong
I found comfort, joy and peace,
but I still wished all this would cease
I still desire for all this to end,
for time and again I stare sadly at my friends
What has this world come to,
for you can see light in just a few
I hope that I would shine bright,
though it is hard in the midst of this blight
I also hope to never not trust in You,
and hope that I would be one of those seldom few
And so I will,
if it’s Your will

The author's comments:

For the glory of my most holy Savior, the LORD Jesus Christ.

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