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Ode to Poison

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The most poetic way to die
Is the subtle knife, sliding by
The quiet poison slipping in
A changing heart, from within
And yet the prettiest death of all
Is death by gold, the wherewithal
Slinking heavily through the veins
A weighty pulse, and pretty pains
And as it cleaves to the walls
Of hearts and limbs and lungs, enthralls-
Prettily poisoning, the cost is dear
Of the pretty gold, so near
Lustrous death, and ductile pain
As the metal makes its gain
It slithers before the ruby heart- the pulse will stall
And far to prettily to appall
The harbinger's beauty does belie
First pretty pains, and then you die
The ruby flits and flutters and then it stills
And the pretty pain cries, for the precious rubies it spills
Pay dearly for beauty, beauty that kills
More pulchritudinous than arsenic or pills
Stopped the ruby, with gold
The ruby grows still and then grows cold
Still so poetic, and as such
The pain is never, never too much
Malleable meanness, ductile death
Has forever taken another's breath
And forever to another watchful eye
The very prettiest way to die

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Discover This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 18, 2010 at 12:17 am
Wow. Sounds WAY too professional to be a teen. Robert Frost would be jealous!
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