10 Memories

February 15, 2009
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Do you remember?
Remember all the times I do?
All those little times that means so much
The first time I met you
The napkin we drew on that night
The first night we became friends
You were my only friend then
The time we wresled over a dodge ball
When we denied we liked eachother
All those years we spent just friends
I liked you all that time
When you did your homework just to see me smile
You never did like math much
When we spent the day at Kennywood together
My friends ditched us and i'm so very thankful
When my friend didn't want us to date
You asked me out the night before
The first time you held my hand
Yours are so warm compared to my ice
The first kiss you gave me
I couldn't stop smiling for a week
When my dad left us alone
I'll never forget that day
I'll never forget you,
But will you remember?
Do you remember the little things I do?
I do because I love

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