How Is It?

January 19, 2009
How is it you've left me, yet I am not angry?
How is it that you didn't protect me, yet I felt safe?
How is it you're gone, yet Still I can see and hear you?
How is it I can hate you for leaving me, yet continue to love you?
How is it I am so sad, yet happy at the same time?
How is it I cannot see you, yet I know you are here with me?
How is it I am writing this in Hate and Confusion, yet feel Knowing and Love?
How is it that these are true facts that I wish were false?
How is is that when I look in the mirrior, I see you and not me?
How is it I wish it had been me to Die, yet at the same tome I feel relief that it wasn't?
And how is it that I am writing this...and not crying?

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