This Mirror

January 18, 2009
By Marco Barnes BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
Marco Barnes BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Another 24 hours poured into the cement
Living through anothers persons regrets..
Just one peice of a puzzle, too big to comprehend
Cant see the end, left the lights on again
In the past, the future looked too close to hold..
And now the present seems like it's too close and cold
Inside myself looking out; it all seems fake
Whatever motivates, the day puts it away
Used to be apathetic, loved the only one living
Im speaking to the world, but im the only one in it
Your eyes couldnt watch the way the world spins
I'll sit there and watch on the day the world ends
If its burns then, and flows in the wind
I'll hold what I learned and start it over again

Because who knows if your steps are planned out..
I feel lost, and no body's there to stick a hand out;
A man now.. beacause i felt too strong
And i feel like I lived with my self too long
This isn't the right time or place for these words
We dont have the righ kind of space for these birds
If we all could fly, If we all could cry
Everybody would laugh, and we all would die
The sky hangs over my head, i can feel the weight
Conceal my fate, and let me just deal with hate
I lost compation, everythings cold when its near us
I spend to much time with my soul in this mirror...

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