February 9, 2009

Some days I can't help but wonder
The incredible verb of power and possibility
To describe a place that's entirely ready
To be molded and carved to regality
.. ..
Some days the wonder takes over my body
Flooding my words with excitement
Rushes throw my veins into my skin
Clearing the canvas patiently waiting to invent
.. ..
The walls of reality tend to melt away
And music seems to run wild and play
With eyes closed tight and lips bitten down
I wonder with all my might, 'till sundown
.. ..
Numbers flicker through and words lash candy
Assuan my face turns to smiles and ears
Listening closely to the world
Listening to the petrichor, smelling the sound of rain
.. ..
Some days I can't help but wonder
Wonder of what will be
Wonder of what will happen
Some days, I can't help but wonder

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