January 12, 2009
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in the years of our childhood
even then, I knew you well.
of course—we grew up together
pushed each other on the swing set
played tag during recess each year
and got each other bandaids for booboos.
those memories—they’ll never fade.

I remember our wedding day so clearly
me in a flowing white bridal gown
I had dreamed of that day all my life
and you, so perfect and gentlemanly
in your new black tuxedo and pink tie.
our love was still blossoming back then
our love—it knew no end.

retired, now, we’ve grown old together
I remember every moment of our lives
our first child—a boy! our honeymoon,
our first anniversary—and our fortieth.
but it feels like we’re still young
spinning time into treasure on a spindle
treasure—that will last forever.

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