100% Chance of a Brainstorm

January 10, 2009
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The greatest storytellers are sometimes those who do not sell,
But the ones who can stop anything from fading very well,
Photos that show its test to physical limitations,
Are revived by those that know the photo’s creation,
They start there anecdote like it is a classic folk tale,
And as they continue they rewind time very well,
The details nail nails in my mind as the scenery builds itself,
And reflects effects put in by what the storyteller felt and what he dealt,
I sink into feeling’s depth…the story contributor’s creation,
The same contributors that acted as liberators of expression and innovation,
Should I bail…no, the storyteller frees thoughts from his once jail of no audience,
Now he has stories that impact you with facts to raise morals and confidence,
And can be applied to anything you experience and know,
And shows that with what others know applies to how you grow,
So once the elder finally cease to speak,
And the storyteller comes down from the stories peak,
I herd gold in its audio form,
As it was born from the elder, the storytellers brainstorm.

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