Rainy Day

January 8, 2009
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On any given rainy day
I wake up to hear my siblings’ fray.
Reluctantly I get out of bed,
maybe dress myself in red
and drag myself downstairs.

On any given rainy day
I look up in hope that I see a ray.
Just one ray would do the trick and
wouldn’t make the day sick.
But always, nothing.

On any given rainy day
in the dwindling days of May,
homework reduces us to tears;
and finals are dreadfully near.
Grades are looming as summer’s coming.

On any given rainy day
I wish for someone to say
That school’s done,
our homework’s none,
and we all just need some fun.

On any given rainy day
I wish there was a way.
A way to keep myself occupied,
to at least say I tried,
But always to no avail.

On any given rainy day
I look outside and stare at the blue jays,
standing out amongst the gloom
like a flower in its bloom,
beautiful and at peace.

But on this rainy day,
I refuse.
Why get up
and why do work,
if it needs to be done again?

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