December 24, 2008
sincerity, honesty and truth?/
that's all I expect, no need for proof/
because I trust you/
I'm naturally predisposed to/
Yet I don't know what to believe/
even on this annual jubilee/
We put in work and get payed dirt/
then spend that pretty penny/
on something petty.. things?/
I thought we were queens and kings?/
beyond the monotonous rhythm that we live in/
and the fact that i'm aware of this?/
gives me a sort of carapace/
because in this play called life, i'm hip to the game/
I'm not the type to change/
but stress is a strain on the brain/
so i try to maintain and remain/
solid, call it what you want to call it/
but i'm an individual./
sleep, work, school, it's rather habitual/
but that's the price of living life in a society/
where the number one priority/
is to function as a tiny gear/
in this well oiled machine you hear/
i look to my left and see/
a trend of vanity that's causing calamities/
can it be? are we slipping into insanity?/
i look to my right and see/
people who want to be free/
but it's hard when you lost the key/
and you search for it frantically/
but eventually, we find reality/
actually, comforting./
life is beautiful and life is ugly/
and in the pursuit of happiness, I found me./
we are an enigma.

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