December 21, 2008
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The tape clicks
And the sound floods the aire, thick with flavor
The seducing mouths of words on my ear
My body begins to shake
Lips, bitten down in euphoria
Eyes closed, amplifying focus
My blood hot and flowing
Faster and rushing through my body
The beat pulsing; spreads over me
The honey of notes and sex of words
The warmth of sensory and blanket of sound
The fierce, crisp turns of syllables
The duality of movement
My hands bolstering her back and fingers
Pressed deep into her skin.
My eyes staring deep into her soul
Her body melting in hands.
The flicker of a flame ignites her eyes
Her cinnamon scent bending its way to my mind
Swirling around the hindrance of aire.
Her feet resting lightly on mine
Swaying wherever I want them to go.
Hand lifted, the tape clicks
And a foot is moved
Our stare locked.

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KOGoalkeeper said...
Jan. 4, 2009 at 7:34 am
This poem...wow. I dont read a lot of poems, I mainly write them, but ummm wow. I liked your diction, it enhanced the entire poem. Also just how you wrote the poem is over all really interesting. Very good job
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