December 11, 2008
By carlisajohanna. SILVER, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
carlisajohanna. SILVER, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
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There are a lot of things I’ve always taken for granted.
Like the trees, the sun, the grass.
They are always going to be there though.
Some things aren’t.
Like friends, and family, and everything I’ve known.
Now we’re leaving those things…
I wish I would’ve lived more,
Dreamt more,
Loved more,
But I didn’t.
And now, as we drive 5 hours away,
I cry.
I’m going to miss my friends,
My school,
All the possibilities and what-ifs…
I’m going to miss my home.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this is that my dad just recently got a new job 5 hours away from where I live right now and I'm going to miss so much. I love it here and I'm going to have to start over there.

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