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Stranger Things Have Happened Here

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Brighter nights lay bare a path
Weary worn by nature’s wrath
Owl’s shrill and haunting cry
Predators in hiding lie

In our town of solitude
Dreary marks the daily mood
This, however, one must hear—
Stranger things have happened here.

One tale of a child’s sweet voice
Lost forever, without choice
Floating, weaving through the trees
Hinting at a playful tease

Stories purely to amuse
Storytellers hate to lose!

Some speak of a creature white
Slipping in and out of sight
Eyes of hatred and hellfire
Human’s voice dripping with ire

Sweet tales of the still unseen
Taunts us, makes us ever keen

Others claim that madness lives
Nightmares and terror it gives
Lurking within one’s own mind
Truly of the devil’s kind

Such belief corrupts the soul
Fright shan’t dare to take its toll

Those that disappear, they say
Stay not for another day
Transfixed by some phantom lust
Hearts found crumbling into dust

Lilting sagas to be told
Fall through with the times of old

Ghosts of wars and conflicts past
For eternity, they last
Warning those of foolish thought
Violence truly all for naught

Lessons of an era lost
Speak less of an empty cost

Spider’s silk spins vacant webs
Mysteries that flow and ebb
Tangibility in truth
Myths in numbers, so uncouth

What say you of stories then?
Hidden in our darkened glen
Your world is our fantasy
Bittersweet with ecstasy

Speak of what your eyes have seen
But not what your mind can glean
Leave, brave traveler, not in fear—
Stranger things have happened here.

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