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The Sun

The Sun burns and lights the day
But eternity is the price he pays
He was once told he could keep his love
They would rule the skies and watch from above
They would be the light for the people on Earth
As the watered and worked the fertile dirt
He was never told of the true cost
Until he realized all he had lost
She would hang in the sky on her silver moon
Across from the man that led her to her doom
She reflects his rage with sadness of her own
She walks the night sky but its day he roams
Always to see and never to touch
The pain for him was almost too much
But eventually she comes and blocks his light
To leave the Earth in the darkness of night
The moments like this keep him from burning the world
And calms the anger that inside him whirls
And though her touch slakes his thirst
On summer days he remembers and forth his rage burst

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