Chasing Pointless Thoughts

November 14, 2008
By Shanelle Martinez, Commerce City, CO

Sitting here awake
But somehow I still dream
Just a mere thought, an image, a feeling
Could it be?
I’m forever changing
So why do I stay the same?
Longing to be there
That place I wish to go
For I am unable to explain it
Its no where near perfect
Yet it seems so to me
No fighting
That’s hopeless
Where is this place
How may I get there?
I sit here and dream of it
Just waiting to go
And then I’m awake
Stuck in reality
Sometimes I like it here better
Then my home goes crashing down
I run far far away
Never wanting to return
But then tomorrow I’m there
Dreaming yet again
Is this my get away?
My way of staying sane
Because there is that dream
And here I am chasing it
I will awake
But I will always return
To this place, this dream

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