November 4, 2008
From the 1920 to the 1980
Wow look at how much our world is changing
From back in the slavery time
And then when Martin Luther king wrote his famous line
We all have a dream
What’s mine?
Is it to fallow my father’s footsteps?
Or to create my own
I think that my father was wrong
For when he left and never said bye
To the time he broke promises that mad me cry
Believe me and what I say I aint gone lie
Trust me its my time to shine
My time to make a difference in life
Have a new perspective
And make my own footstep
And trust me things might get hectic
People say I just a kid
But trust me this is bigger then that
Sometimes I fell like the president
I’m going to make it to the top
And now one will stop me
Even if you’re my father
You time is up
So just give up


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