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Never a Briar

The crows, the tormenters, are always nearby
Helpless little birdie, hiding under wings
Everyday crow claws- raking down fledglings
Young blood, young blood red as scarlet pure as snow briars bloom where they

A hope filled pair of eyes look up
Ready or not here they come, here they come
Eggshells scattered- don’t step! pieces, pieces put them together

Laughter silenced- echoing heartbeats
Outer thoughts, inner thoughts, all no more
Some hearts strong- others weak- broken birdies fall
Try to stop them! Are they worth saving?

Tiptoe tiptoe shattered pieces
Hanging by a thread- one caw? Clip a feather. Two caws? Broken wing
Each birdie grasping- they can’t see in the darkness
Yearning, stretching, crying, bleeding- blind birdies in the night

Never again to sing, never again to fly
Eternal feathers scattered over the ground
Endless birdies plummet
Down, down crows knock them from the skies

Yet a drop splashes
Out of that hope filled eye
Unbelievingly, birdies grasp onto the light

Winter cold and harsh- a small briar peeks through
In the ice- reaching forth
Linger! Linger!
Light peeks through!

“Yonder! Yonder! Just beyond
Onward, birdies do fly
Unto the endless sky!”

Higher, higher, but they cannot!
Each drop
Lower, lower down again
Pull. Them. Up!

Thrust some wind under their wings
Help them burst forth
Everyone! Every wing!
Might we save them all?

Far away a birdie does soar
Laughter sounding, heartbeats thunder
You did it. Never a briar, forever a rose.

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